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Wyo. Stat. § 33-4-102 creates the Wyoming state board of architects and landscape architects.  The Board shall be composed of three practicing architects, one practicing landscape architect and one member of the public of integrity and ability, who shall be residents of the state of Wyoming.  The architects and landscape architect shall have practiced architecture or landscape architecture continuously in the state of Wyoming for a period of at least five years prior to their appointment.

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 33-4-103, the governor shall appoint the members of the board of architects and landscape architects.  The term of members shall be three years or until his/her successor has been appointed.  The governor shall fill all vacancies occurring in the board and may remove any board member as provided in Wyo. Stat. §. 9-1-202.

Wyo. Stat. § 33-4-104 states the powers and duties of board as well as landscape architects.  Accordingly, the board shall elect a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer and shall hold regular meetings at least once each year, with the date and place to be set by the board.  The board may meet as designated by a majority of the board.  A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum. The board shall have authority to:

  • administer oaths, take affidavits, summon witnesses and take testimony as to matters coming within the scope of its duties.
  • to enter into interstate or intrastate agreements and associations with other boards of licensure for the purpose of establishing reciprocity, developing examinations, evaluating applicants or other activities to enhance the services of the board to the state, the licensee and the public.  The board shall adopt a seal to be affixed to all licenses issued and shall adopt rules and regulations in accordance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act.  The board shall establish minimum educational requirements which shall be without prejudice, partiality or discrimination.
  • appoint or contract an executive secretary and other individuals deemed necessary to administer the affairs of the board and shall furnish necessary support and clerical services.  Costs related to these services shall be paid from the account and the secretary of the board shall keep a record of the proceedings of the board, which shall at all times be open to public inspection.

All meetings of the board shall be conducted in accordance with Wyo. Stat. § 16-4-403, except that the board may hold executive sessions as provided by Wyo. Stat. § 16-4-405.

Pursuant to Wyo. Stat. § 33-4-112, all persons shall register as an architect in order to make architectural plans and specifications for buildings except those buildings which are specifically exempted in Wyo. Stat. §  33-4-117.

Under Wyo. Stat. § 33-4-113, no person shall use the title “architect” or “landscape architect” or any title, sign, card or device to indicate that the person is practicing architecture or is an architect unless the person is licensed as an architect or landscape architect under the provisions the Act.

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