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New York

Regulation of Architects in New York is found in Article 147, Title VII of New York Consolidated Law Service.  Pursuant to NY CLS Educ § 7302, only a person licensed or otherwise authorized to practice under this article shall practice architecture or use the title “architect”.

NY CLS Educ § 7304 provides the requirements for a professional license.  To qualify for a license as an architect, an applicant shall fulfill the following requirements:

1)     Application: file an application with the department;

2)     Education: have received an education, including a bachelor’s or higher degree in architecture, in accordance with the commissioner’s regulations;

3)     Experience: have experience satisfactory to the board in appropriate architectural work and of sufficient amount so that the combined college study and experience total eight years;

4)     Examination: pass an examination satisfactory to the board and in accordance with the commissioner’s regulations;

5)     Age: be at least twenty-one years of age;

6)     Citizenship: meet no requirement as to United States citizenship;

7)     Character: be of good moral character as determined by the department; and

8)     Fees: pay a fee of $345 to the department for admission to a department conducted examination and for an initial license, a fee of $175 for each reexamination, a fee of $135 for an initial license for persons not requiring admission to a department conducted examination, and a fee of $210 for each triennial registration period.

Over and above the educational and experience requirements, 12 years of practical experience in architectural work of a grade and character satisfactory to the board may be accepted by the department, provided that each complete year of college study satisfactory to the department may at the discretion of the board be accepted in lieu of two years of experience but not to exceed nine years toward the required total of 12 years.  Moreover, 10 years of lawful practice of architecture outside the state satisfactory to the board may be accepted by the department upon the passing of a practical examination satisfactory to the board.  Furthermore, a certificate of qualification issued by the national council of architectural registration boards on the basis of the fulfillment of requirements satisfactory to the board may be accepted by the department.

Pursuant to NY CLS Educ § 7305, on recommendation of the board, the department may issue a limited permit to an architect who is not a resident of New York.  The architect shall have no established business in New York and shall be legally qualified to practice as such in his or her own country or state.  The architect shall submit evidence satisfactory to the board of established and recognized professional standing in his or her own country or state and submit satisfactory certifications as to character and qualifications.  Such limited permit shall entitle the holder to practice architecture in New York but only in connection with the specific project for which it is granted.  The fee for each limited permit shall be $105. 

Pursuant to NY CLS Educ § 7307,  every architect shall have a seal, approved by the board, which shall contain the name of the architect and either the words “Registered Architect” and such other words or figures as the board may deem necessary.  All working drawings and specifications, prepared by such architect or by a full-time or part-time subordinate employed under his or her supervision, shall be stamped with such seal and shall also be signed on the original with the personal signature of such architect when filed with public officials.

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