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New Jersey

Regulation of Architects in New Jersey is found in Chapter 3, Title 45 of New Jersey Annotated Statutes. 

Pursuant to N.J. Stat. § 45:3-5, to practice architecture in New Jersey a person shall first apply to the New Jersey State Board of Architects (board) for a license.  The board shall grant a license upon satisfactory evidence that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements of education, experience and examination.  Applicants for examination shall, at least 60 days before an examination, present to the board a written application on forms provided by the board, together with satisfactory proof that the applicant is 18 or more years of age, is of good moral character, and has fulfilled the education and experience requirements.  The applicant shall be regarded as having fulfilled the education requirement if he has a baccalaureate or master’s degree in architecture from a university, college, or technical school which has an architectural program accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board.  The applicant shall be regarded as having fulfilled the experience requirement if s/he demonstrates three years or more of experience related to architecture.

Pursuant to N.J. Stat. § 45:3-6, if the examination of an applicant for registration shall be satisfactory to the majority of the board, a certificate shall be issued, upon the payment of an additional fee of $ 25.00 to the board, authorizing him or her to practice the profession of architecture.  Any person who holds a certificate from a similarly constituted board of another State, with such other satisfactory evidence of competency as the board in its discretion may require, where the qualifications required in such State are substantially equal to those required in New Jersey, may be granted such certificate upon the payment to the board of a fee of $ 50.00.

Moreover, at the time of the issuance of the certificate, the board shall furnish to the applicant a seal to be used by him or her in the conduct of his or her practice, to be impressed upon plans and other papers prepared by him when necessary.  If the seal has been lost by a duly licensed architect, a new one shall be issued by the board upon application therefor, accompanied by the prescribed fee, and proof to the satisfaction of the board of such loss or other good cause.  Any person who shall use a seal which has not been furnished to him by the board, or who shall impress same upon plans or other papers, or who shall come into possession of a seal not issued to him and fail to return same over to the board after a demand is made therefor, or who, after the forfeiture, revocation or suspension of his or her license, shall fail to return a seal to the board shall be guilty of a violation of the chapter.  Upon conviction thereof the guilty person shall pay a fine of $ 100.00, or upon failure to forthwith pay said fine, shall be imprisoned in the county jail for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Pursuant to N.J. Stat. § 45:3-7, an architect licensee shall, during the month of July in each year, pay to the board a fee of $ 15.00 or forfeit his or her certificate. Notice of the failure to pay such annual registration fee shall be given to any person so failing, which notice shall state that, upon the continued failure to pay such fee, the certificate issued to such person will be declared forfeited by the board at the time and place stated therein unless such fee is sooner paid. The board may make rules and regulations regarding the reissue of a certificate to any person whose certificate has been forfeited, and fixing the fee to be paid for the reissue of said certificate.  Pursuant to N.J. Stat. § 45:3-25, the board shall require each architect, as a condition of biennial license renewal to complete any continuing education requirements imposed by the board.

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