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Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-101 provides that the practice of architecture is granted by legislative authority in the interests of the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Montana.  The Legislature provides laws to control and regulate the unprofessional, unauthorized, improper and unqualified practice of architecture in order to protect the public.  Pursuant to Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-103, drafters, students, clerks of work, superintendents, and other employees lawfully practicing as architects shall not be prevented from acting under the instruction, control, or supervision of their employers.  Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the employment of superintendents of the construction, enlargement, or structural alteration of buildings or any appurtenance to buildings.

Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-301 provides that a person qualified under this chapter shall practice architecture in this state or use the title “licensed architect” or “architect” or use any words, letters, figures, or other device indicating that such person is an architect.

Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-302 provides that licensure is limited to individuals only and shall not license any firm, company, partnership, association, corporation, or other similar organization as an architect.  However, architects constituting a firm shall use the collective title “licensed architects” or “architects.” 

Pursuant to Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-303, any person who wishes to practice architecture in this state shall apply to the Department of Labor and Industry (department) for a license, provided such person has successfully completed the requirements in education and practical experience and an examination prescribed by the Board of Architects and Landscape Architects (board). The examination must be in accordance with the prevailing standards of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) examination and grading procedure.  If the candidate is found qualified, the department shall grant a license to practice architecture in this State.  Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-308 provides that every licensed architect shall have a seal containing his/her name, city and state of place of business, license number, and the words “Licensed Architect, State of Montana.”  Pursuant to Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-322, any person using the title “licensed architect” or “architect” or any other words, letters, figures, or device indicating that such person is an architect or engaged in the practice of architecture or receiving compensation for rendering architectural services without complying with provisions of this chapter shall be considered guilty of misdemeanor.  Such person shall be punished upon conviction with a fine of not less than $ 500 or more than $ 1,000 or by imprisonment for not less than 30 days or more than 6 months or by both fine and imprisonment.

Any person who is convicted a second time for violation of Section 37-65-322, shall be punished by both fine and imprisonment.  Pursuant to Mont. Code Anno., § 37-65-323, the board shall bring an action to prohibit by an injunction a person from continuing the violation of the provisions of Title 37, Chapter 66, of this chapter or from doing any act that adds to such violation.

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