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Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-3 defines landscape architect as “a person who is licensed to practice landscape architecture in this state under the authority of this chapter and is engaging in the practice of landscape architecture within the meaning and intent of this chapter when he performs or holds himself out as capable of performing any of the services or creative works within the definition of landscape architecture.”

According to Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-5, no person shall practice landscape architecture in the state of Mississippi or use the title “landscape architect” on any sign, title, card or device so as to indicate that such person is practicing landscape architecture or is a landscape architect, unless such person shall have secured from the board a license as landscape architect in the manner hereinafter provided, and shall thereafter comply with the provisions of this chapter. Every holder of a current license shall display it in a conspicuous place in his principal office or place of employment.

Pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-7, an applicant has to fulfill the following requirements in order to qualify for a license as a landscape architect.

  • Submit evidence of his good moral character and integrity to the examining board.
  • Have received a degree in landscape architecture from a college or university having a minimum four-year curriculum in landscape architecture approved by the board or have completed seven years of work in the practice of landscape architecture of a grade and character suitable to the board. Graduation in a curriculum other than landscape architecture from a college or university shall be equivalent to two years’ experience of the seven specified above in this section, except that no applicant shall receive credit for more than two years’ experience for any scholastic training.
  • Pass such written examination as required in Section 73-2-9.

By virtue of Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-7, exemption from examination may be granted by the board to applicants holding a license or certificate to practice landscape architecture issued upon examination by a legally constituted board of examiners of any other state or Washington, D.C., or any other territory or possession under the control of the United States, provided that such requirements of the state in which the applicant is registered are equivalent to those of Mississippi.  An applicant who is a licensed landscape architect but who was admitted in a jurisdiction which did not offer a written examination acceptable to the board or was admitted without the requirement of passing a written examination may be issued a license to practice landscape architecture in this state upon the taking and passing of any examination or procedure as may be adopted by the board, provided that such applicant meets all other requirements for issuance of a license to practice landscape architecture in this state. This provision is granted by Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-11.

Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-19 states that licensing is not required in the following cases:

  • The practice of landscape architecture by any person who acts under the supervision of a registered landscape architect or by an employee of a person lawfully engaged in the practice of landscape architecture and who, in either event, does not assume responsible charge of design or supervision.
  • The practice of landscape architecture by employees of the United States government while engaged within this state in the practice of landscape architecture for said government.
  • The practice of planning as customarily done by regional and urban planners.
  • The practice of arborists, foresters, gardeners, home builders, floriculturists and ornamental horticulturists performing their respective trades or professions.
  • The practice of any nurseryman or landscape contractor to practice planting design, planting, and location and arrangement of plant materials.
  • The practice of architecture or engineering as defined by the laws of the State of Mississippi including, but not limited to, such planting as might be incidental to such practice.
  • The work or practice of a regular employee of a public service company or public utility, by rendering to such company landscape architectural service in connection with its facilities which are subject to regulation, supervision and control in order to safeguard life, health and property by the Public Service Commission of this state shall be exempt so long as such person is thus actually and exclusively employed.
  • Any person, firm or corporation performing landscape architecture and working on his own land or property.
  • Golf course architects engaged in the preparation of drawings and specifications for a golf course, in accordance with accepted professional standards of public health and safety.

Pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. § 73-2-21, any person performing the following acts will be liable for misdemeanor.

  • Offer to practice or hold himself out as entitled to practice landscape architecture, unless duly certified and registered under this chapter.
  • Present as his own the certificate of another.
  • Give false or forged evidence to the board or any member thereof in obtaining a certificate.
  • Falsely impersonate any other practitioner of like or different name.
  • Use or attempt to use a certificate that has been revoked.
  • Otherwise violate any of the provisions Landscape Architectural Practice

Such misdemeanor shall be punishable by a fine of not less than Five Hundred Dollars and not more than One Thousand Dollars, or imprisonment for not more than one year in the county jail, or both.

If any person, firm or corporation violates any of the provisions of Landscape Architectural Practice, the secretary of the board shall, upon direction of a majority of the board, in the name of the State of Mississippi, acting through an attorney employed by the board, apply in any chancery court of competent jurisdiction for an injunction or temporary restraining order pursuant to the Mississippi Rules of Civil Procedure enjoining such violation or for an order enforcing compliance with the provisions of Landscape Architectural Practice.  If at such hearing it is established that such person has violated or is violating Landscape Architectural Practice, the court may, in addition to enjoining such violation or enforcing compliance with Landscape Architectural Practice, award all cost and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees to the board.  In case of violation of any decree issue, the court may try and punish the offender for contempt of court and shall fine such offender a sum of not less than Two Hundred Fifty Dollars per offense.  Each day of such violation shall constitute a distinct and separate offense.

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