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The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards protects the public health, safety, and welfare by leading the regulation of the practice of architecture through the development and application of standards for licensure and credentialing of architects. Pursuant to Alaska Stat. § 08.48.351, the board administers the provisions of Architects, Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Landscape Architects Registration Act and comply with AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedure Act).

Alaska Stat. § 08.48.011 provides that, the board consists of 10 members appointed by the governor having the qualifications as set out in AS 08.48.031.  The board consists of two civil engineers, two land surveyors, one mining engineer, one electrical or mechanical engineer, one engineer from another branch of the profession of engineering, two architects, and one public member.

Pursuant to Alaska Stat. § 08.48.091, written examinations shall be held at least once each year at places determined by the board. A candidate failing an examination may apply for reexamination in accordance with regulations adopted by the board.

The board may suspend, refuse to renew, or revoke the certificate of or reprimand a registrant, corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership who is found guilty of

  • fraud or deceit in obtaining a certificate;
  • gross negligence, incompetence, or misconduct in the practice of architecture, engineering, land surveying, or landscape architecture; or
  • a violation of this chapter, a regulation adopted under this chapter, or the code of ethics or professional conduct as adopted by the board.

Alaska Stat. § 08.48.111 provides that, the code of ethics or professional conduct shall be distributed in writing to every registrant and applicant for registration.

Any person may file with the secretary of the board a charge of fraud, deceit, gross negligence, incompetence, misconduct, or violation of the act, a regulation adopted under it, or the code of ethics of the board.  The charge, constituting an accusation under AS 44.62 (Administrative Procedure Act), shall be in writing and sworn to by the person making it. A charge may be dismissed by the board as unfounded or trivial[v].

An applicant who fulfills the requirements set out by the board shall be awarded a certificate of registration as a professional architect, engineer, land surveyor, or landscape architect. Alaska Stat. § 08.48.211provides that, the certificate of registration sealed by the board is prima facie evidence that the person named in it is entitled to all rights and privileges of a professional architect, professional engineer, professional land surveyor, or professional landscape architect while the certificate remains unrevoked or unexpired.

In addition to any other provision of law, if a person practices or offers to practice architecture, engineering, or land surveying in the state without being registered or authorized to practice in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, the board may enter an order levying a civil penalty.

Alaska Stat. § 08.48.295 provides that, such civil penalty levied may not exceed $ 5,000 for each offense. In levying a civil penalty, the board shall set the amount of the penalty imposed under this section after taking into account appropriate factors, including the seriousness of the violation, the economic benefit resulting from the violation, the history of violations, and other matters the board considers appropriate.  A person aggrieved by the levy of a civil penalty under this section may file an appeal with the superior court for judicial review of the penalty under AS 44.62.560.

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