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State Laws Regulating Architects

The practice of planning and designing a building requires the application of specialized skill and knowledge.  The product of an architect’s work is used by general public.  Therefore, the legislature of a state may regulate the practice of those engaged in the profession.  The inherent authority of a state to protect the welfare of its citizens creates regulatory statutes designed to protect public health and safety.  However, reasonable regulatory statutes are valid.

A public policy aimed at protecting citizens from unqualified practitioners forms the basis of statutes requiring that architects must be registered and licensed.  In many states, statutes call for the revocation of a license for conduct such as fraud, dishonesty, recklessness, incompetence, or misrepresentation when an architect acts in his/her professional capacity.

Generally,the power to revoke a license is given by the legislature to a state board of architects who must act in a manner prescribed by statute.  An architect is entitled to notice and a hearing when the board seeks to revoke his/her license

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