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Liabilities of Architects

Sometimes, an architect’s liability to a third party depends on a finding that the architect owed the plaintiff a duty of care.[i]  Where an architect has breached a duty to use reasonable or customary care in the provision of professional services, an action under the contract for negligent services may arise.[ii]

General grounds for architect’s liability are:

  • Indemnity and contribution; intentional torts;
  • Fraud;
  • Design defects; and
  • Failure to properly supervise construction.

[i] Yow v. Hussey, Gay, Bell & Deyoung Intern., Inc., 201 Ga. App. 857, 412 S.E.2d 565 (1991).

[ii] SME Industries, Inc. v. Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates, Inc., 2001 UT 54, 28 P.3d 669 (Utah 2001).

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